With our expertise on webdevelopment we will bring your idea's to reality.

Whether you have started a new company and want a website on the Internet or want to take a complex system in use to automate you workprocess, we will take care of it. As an enthusiastic software developer, we can translate your requirements into a software solution.

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What we do

With our expertise in IT we solve your IT related question
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Web & App development

As our main business we develop websites and web application in various range. This could be a informative website for your company or a e-commerce site to sell your products. You can also think to automate your working process for faster and easy handling and lower the learning curve for your employees or integrate your systems with others to avoid data redundancy.

Websites and web application we develop are based on responsive design whereby all devices as desktops, tablets and smartphones will be supported. Sometimes it is wise to create a separate app rather than a mobile website. With the current technologies we also develop mobile apps for smartphones with integration with you systems. Besides devices running iOS and Android we also support devices with less used operating systems like Windows Phone and BlackBerry


During the development we think along with you to ensure you get the software that is tailored to your business. With our knownledge about various software systems, we are also able to support you making decissions before you procure. This can be done for new projects and for project whereby you want to implement new functionalities on existing software.


A software is not just only developing. In most situation you also need to register and maintain domainnames and arrange a hosting provider. You also want to be findable by search engines whereby you need do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertisement). With knowledge and expertise in our network we are also able to support you on other IT related categories.

How we work

What can you expect from us
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Tailor made

We will develop applications based on you needs and how you want to use it. Instead of changing your business to be able to work with the acquired software, the software will fulfill your needs.


Websites are commonly publicly accessible and this entails considerable risks. Therefore when we develop software, we test carefully so we know that there are no security risks.


During the development we think along with you to ensure you get the software that is tailored to your business.


Below you will find some projects I have participated
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Genç Gönüllüler

young volunteers

Genç Gönüllüler is a match making site used by Turkish government to bring volunteers with governmental organisations. Organisations are able to create projects where volunteers can participate after registration.

This website is created together with a partner where we initiated the software structure together and whereby I developed the back office for organisations and administrators.

URL: http://www.gencgonulluler.gov.tr


young volunteers

Qloudia is a hosting company located in the Netherlands. There site makes integration with external systems to check availabilities of domains and create hosting spaces on the servers.

URL: http://qloudia.net (Site is under development)

Other Projects

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